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E600 garlic splitter: -Feeding unit: bulbs are placed in the hopper and a feeding belt feeds the splitting unit. -Splitting unit: the garlic is split between two soft belts, and brushes help finish the process. A suction (4kW/380V threephase unit with power adjustment) removes skins and wastes, leaving clean cloves to be graded. -Manual finishing belt (for 4 to 8 people): 0.25kW/380V threephase motoreducer. -An extra elevating belt is added to the line inbetween the finishing belt and the grader. The grader is higher with special shoots for bag filling. -Clove grading drum: Grade 1: <10mm Grade 2: 11 to 17mm Grade 3: 18 to 23mm Grade 4: >23mm Give us a call at 403-223-5380


Groups: Garlic Splitters | Garlic Machines
Brands: ERME
Service Number: 11148
Serial Number: 21125-2019
Condition: New
Build Year: 2019
Type: E600

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