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Asalift CM-100E

Asalift CM-100E

The CM-100E is an easy to use, single-row, top lifting harvesting machine. This harvester is hydraulically driven and can effectively harvest carrots, beets, parsnips, and other root crops. The elevator ensures constant transfer for maximum protection of the product. The machine has a 335 cm (132") long clamping strap for lifting the crops, and a sprocket drive with the ASA-LIFT cutting system for effective haulm removal. - Hydraulic powered torpedoes with Anti-dive for better intake - Extra hydraulic motor for the knives - Automatic depth control on pick-up - Hydraulic cleaning roller - Spring release for share system - Manual rotating torpedoes with Anti-Dive protection. Give us a call at 403-223-5380


Groups: Vegetables Machines | Vegetable Harvesters
Brands: Asalift
Service Number: 10233
Serial Number: 29540
Condition: New
Build Year: 2020
Type: CM-100E

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